I’m thinking about culture vs. nature. “Empty Heads” is about the holes in the influence of media and my attempt not to watch television. This series of minimal forms indicative of “empty suits” with ‘heads’ made of small digital monitors playing seemingly ‘empty’ thoughts. The punctured forms represents the holes in the story-the material props of culture, such as branded clothing and television shows which create a shell with no substance, keeping our heads full so we need not think. This constant media bombardment influences us to be unconscious to the natural world.

The heads full of ‘empty’ thoughts videos are of the natural world. Seen as either empty daydreams or reality…a ‘real world’ as opposed to “The Real World”. Clouds moving in a blue sky, wind blowing while the sunsets- this is a stark reality compared to the digital world of television, internet, etc. Mine favors the freedom of daydreaming about birdcalls and thunderstorms with my head in the clouds.


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